Janine weds Thomas in a Henry Roth Devotedx gown on December 29, 2018. 

“If you have a gut feeling, go with it. I know I always rolled my eyes when I heard this, but when you feel it, than you just know. What made it easier for me was first trying on dresses in many different styles, including ones I was unsure about, because you may always be surprised by how you feel in it. Go for what makes you feel like your best self, what makes you confident, what makes you smile.”

Venue: The Crystal Tea Room @finelycatering @FinelyCatering

Photographer: Ashely Gerrity Photography @ashleygerrityphotography @Ashleygerrityphotography

Hair and Makeup: The Philly Hair & Makeup Company @phillyhair @phillyhairgirl

Florist: Fabuflorals @fabuflorals_design @fabuflorals

Cake: Termini Brothers Bakery

Videographers: Rola Cinema @Rolacinema @Rolacinema