You Are Not Alone: Bridal Dress Stress


For many brides, it is all about the dress.  Indeed, I tend to find it’s what most brides stress about.  More so, even than the reception, the ceremony, the flowers, or any other detail associated with a wedding.

Having been in this industry for so long, and having worked with so many Henry Roth brides, I can tell you, that if you are a bride stressing about her dress, you are not alone.  In fact, you are in good company.  And what do you brides stress out about most when it comes to your dress?  Here are the Top 10 Wedding Dress conundrums I’ve heard your fellow betrothed beauties mutter…

1. Is the dress the right style for my body type?

2. What will be appropriate for where I am getting married?

3. How do I set the right wedding dress budget for what I am looking for?

4. How do I make my bridal gown dollar stretch?

5. How will I know it is the right dress?

6. What should I do to prep the night before I go wedding dress shopping?

7. How many people do I bring to help me choose my dress?

8. Who do I listen to when choosing my dress?

9. How do I pick the right gown silhouette?

10. How do I choose between satin and lace and all the difference options for embellishments?

You see?  Who would have thought picking out a dress could be so hard?  But this isn’t just any dress, is it?  It’s the dress you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl, it’s the dress in which you will transition from single to married, and it’s the dress that will be captured in hundreds of pictures as you make this enormous rite of passage.

So, it’s important to me that all these concerns are addressed and dealt with, and that you realize you are not alone in having them.  In tomorrow’s blog I will answer each one with expert advice on how to take the stress out of buying your gown so you will undoubtedly Rock Your Frock!  At Henry Roth, real brides inspire us, and in turn I hope we can inspire you.

Until then…

Henry x


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