Who’s Going To Burn Up The Red Carpet For The Golden Globes Celebrity Style Sizzle Predictions?

The Globes are the sexy sassy red carpet that the Oscars cannot be!

They allow for the celebrities to plunge into soft sexy sizzling looks and they are somehow the younger sister that got out during her big sisters grown up party…. or at least something like that!

It also kicks off the season as one of the big red carpet celebrity style showdowns it is when everybody has their eye on who is positioning their guns further down the track namely for the Oscars and the BAFTAS.

Lets take a look together at who is going to make a style statement, commotion and celebrity brouhaha as follows:

1. Yummy Mummy – Natalie Portman, causing an international meltdown with her engagement to co-star Benjamin Millepied and recently expectant nominee as Best Actress in Black Swan chose a Miu Miu mini dress at the launch of The Black Swan in Venice. Expect something above the knee sparkling, scintillating I am predicting black or deep tomato red.

Expecting flowing with flair.



2. Angelina Jolie – Working Mother of 6, philanthropist and giving Brad Pitt a run for his money. Nominee for Best Performance by an Actress on and off the screen Angelina has to be one of the most talked about, photographed, style worthy, buzz worthy beauty known to mankind. Will Angelina pull out all the stops? What I love the most is that she’s unpredictable and we never know what she is going to pull out of the style stakes. Predication: Everything and anything is possible, I hope that recent rumours of her being pencil thin are not proven correct. Controversial and different.. Recently looked worse for wear at Berlin Premiere of The Tourist anything goes and is likely to.

angelina1 angelina


3. Halle Berry – Pushes the couture envelope with style and flair her sensational performance will also include some of the most sensational style of any actress ever. I am praying she goes the full couture collaboration like she did when she wore the Ellie Saab as seen below. Look, listen, watch, wait and ye shall find!



4. Rising Star Hallie Stenfeld not nominated for Golden Globes but watch watch watch this space. Even though not nominated watch out for Hallie Steinfeld who stole the show in her debut performance on True Grit alongside Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin. Although only 14 years old the poise elegance sophistication and classy attitude towards style had me chomping at the bit to see what she wears going down the red carpet for the Golden Globes. Here is a future stylista at the premiere of True Grit.



5. Anne Hathaway = Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany quintessential 21st century princess nominated in Love and Other Drugs. Anne is diminutive divine and delicious. My feeling is that Anne is going to go very dramatic.



6. Nicole Kidman love her criticise her or simply adore her it is not red carpet style without Nicole Kidman dipping her golden toes in to heat up the style stakes. Nominated as Best actress for her turn in Rabbit Hole, she is willowy winsome and I believe is ready to reclaim her crown as the it red carpet doyenne for 2011.



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