The Passion of Making It Real & Personal- 2011 Leads The Way

(Or how a Bride in Cleveland Ohio is driving to New York this weekend via Twitter to make her Dream Dress come true!)

These are indeed exciting times. I feel so privileged to be part of the dawn of an explosion of opportunities.

Social media is coming into it’s own, Hands up if you were a cynic… mine are! Hands down if you are no longer a cynic… I am sitting on mine!

On one hand the world is becoming so homogenized. It is becoming the world of the same and more of it and the multiple availability of the same and more of it. This is only going to increase. Honestly, it is difficult on many levels to find the day to day points of difference from one country to another country. Malls, corporate takeovers and boxing into bight sized pieces with far less choice, personality flair and creativity on every level.

However… and here comes the juicy bit ….there is another giant trend .I call it the New Power of One!

Social Media is the democratization of information. The much sought after influence by them over us is now in the hands of millions of people.

Simply put, we have never experienced the likes of anything like it

Incredible blogs, sharp amazing Twitter entries, Facebook phenomenal worldwide familiarity. We broadcast ourselves VIA YouTube; shop on line with an explosion of e stores form any part of this world, and text about a new show at the Local Cinema you need to see, because your friends listen your critique as you do theirs !

The point is your opinion, my opinion, it all counts. We all have an audience, no matter how big or small. It is a voice that can warn you of a really bad restaurant service in Geneva; tell you which Bed and Breakfast is best value in the lakes District, excite you about a new play at the Opera House in Sydney, or what your friend in Poland decided to eat for Dinner in Krakow. A level of information, of intimacy of meaning that has melted away the need for a passport, a plane ticket or it is not what you know, it is who you know. The thing is we have access to knowing what they all knew so we know now too and have run with the ball!!

The interaction of so much in this world was available to a definable few on so many levels. This is replaced with the power of Super Niched personalized views that matter because they have as new voice that is being heard! A friend laughed with me the other day when I said” The world is spinning so fast that soon we are all going to start spin off “

About 10 days ago Sarah via twitter on @allegedlyfff recently engaged sent out a twitter at exactly 10: 53 pm on December 28, 2010

Allegedlyfff “Just fell in lobe with a fierce @1henryroth gown. Of course, there is no where to get it in Ohio


I twittered back that if Sarah could make it this Saturday to Kleinfeld in Manhattan, I would personally make sure that Sarah had a VIP appointment, an impossible to get Saturday afternoon and that I would be there to work with her personally. I am not scheduled to be there this Saturday, but I absolutely would be if she could make that happen. Sarah and Fiancé “bear” pictured below


As I write Sarah leaves from Cleveland Ohio tomorrow, driving first to Washington DC. Then gathering 5 more of her friends and arriving in New York City for her afternoon appointment with me.

This is what excites me to the point of imploding.

The adventure, the excitement, the personalization, the giving meaning to things that have meaning to us. It is the new “stop and smell the roses” of life.

The inspiration for me is very clear. With our three generation bridal design family tradition, for us it has always been about being as directly involved with our brides as possible.
It is not just about apiece of fabric is, for us it has to have meaning on a very personal level.

By the way… you must take a look at Sarah’s FAB Blog… I of course checked out additional information about Sarah through her Twitter Profile which Reads “Fashion impresario, gossip aficionado and avid martini drinker “



I love this world and it is people that inspire my creativity more than anything else I can think of by far.

To all the brides that I have personally seen in the last two weeks at Manhattan’s Kleinfeld, thank you for taking us with you on your journey down the aisle.

I believe in the power of passion, of making pieces of this world personal in a way that could not have ever been thought imaginable.

It gives me so much hope that we are all resilient and will find a way through it all to make our impact on this Planet of ours unique.

Until next time

Henry xx

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