The New Frontier For Emerging Designers!

One of my Manhattan highlights ! The next best thing since sliced bread.. Wondermode opens a whole new opportunity for emerging designers globally


We sat down and discussed a new feeling that was emerging from one of the harshest economic downturns in US history since the great depression. In Manhattan recently

My friend, who was a neighbour of mine on the third floor of a great apartment block three years ago mentioned how there was a huge new feeling in Manhattan with start-up companies such as his very own.

I am talking in particular of a new site being launched in February 2011 Wondermode. Its aim is to provide high end fashion focussed platforms for emerging designers to build their brand with great tools to sell their collections. My friend is essentially creating an online department store for up and coming brands which otherwise would probably have no chance of selling their product to the world. It made me think about our own bridal company Henry Roth, Michelle Roth and Henry Roth Australia which has three generations of bridal family fashion behind it.

We were at a cool new cocktail lounge/ eatery called Norwood. It is a Brownstone converted into pulsating style and energy and the entire reception is run by gorgeous youth of Australia. Members only maybe, try the Australian accent or get a friend to become a member

It was a little more than three years ago that Michelle and I (we are a sister & brother design team) decided to specialise in little more than two stores in the US after being in more than 120 retailers before that. We felt at the time that we were losing touch with our brides and the process was becoming homogenous and way too corporate. We felt that our designs were losing meaning and specialness we wanted them to have.

I believe that just as there has been a huge emerging world market of opportunity in many industries fashion in particular has gone either corporate and mass market or is finding a new way through social media websites and blogs to really cater to extremely specialised groups of interest.

We feel incredibly elated to realise that the gut reaction that Michelle and I had that we needed to go more exclusive and specialise three short years later as we now have direct, exclusive contact with our brides at Kleinfeld, the largest bridal store anywhere in the world.

This new attitude means that our gowns are exclusive to the brides that come to Kleinfeld, we consult and communicate with them directly at the many Trunk Shows we do each year. Upon purchase I provide them with my personal card with email and cell phone numbers and often we get photos and comments from our brides after they walk down the aisle.

As we all try and find meaning in this fast and no common experience media world that we live in Michelle and I find greater warmth and satisfaction than we ever have in our careers as we realise that not being conveniently located everywhere is the new chic for tomorrow. As for young emerging designers register NOW< this is going to explode along the lines of Net A Porter.

I realised as I sipped on my delicious cocktail at Norwood Club with my wonder friends who have created Wondermode that the world stage has room to be made up of not just the corporate tigers but the tiny players who will make up a worldwide tapestry of passion and fashion for tomorrow.

Through the Kleinfeld Blog real brides attended our October 20 Kleinfeld Runway and Press Launch. At the end of the day it is the real brides who are creating our new tomorrow.

I am fresh off a flight from JFK to Sydney where Wi Fi was free and I was twittering and Face Booking on my Blackberry and I had a real out of body experience

Astro Boy was always so futuristic. Just get me those self propelling boots and I see no difference between Astro Boy and Us !

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