Tears Flood Australia And The World- GIVE IF YOU CAN

We just donated $1,000 through Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.


The New York Times has called Australia stoic.

Waters, probably worse than this country has ever seen sweeping through farmland, devastating homes, killing people and destroying what is always an idyllic time of year for Australia.

This is the summer time in Australia, and so a time when this gentle, outdoors, fun loving and relaxed. People max out a lifestyle of Sun and BBQs and beaches and life in the promised land of the last frontier.

Queensland above all is the home to the Sunshine Coast, The Great Barrier Reef and the fastest growing population in the country.


Please donate at Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

24 HOURS AGO I WAS at JFK airport on my way back to Sydney and the feeds and pictures of devastation, of tsunami style inland Rivers were coming through

My tears joined those of many

I feel the tears of the people of Australia, the world feels the pain

A friend of mine on FACEBOOK writes “We are doing ok, the Brisbane river is rising where I live, and it is flowing at a terrifyingly fast pace, much debris and boats that have lost their moorings and are hurtling down stream. We are expecting the river to peak later this afternoon”

I arrived into Australia at 07 50 am this morning from JFK and at 10 42 am we donated $1,000.

Please, open your hearts, every single cent is needed. Lives are lost and 90 missing and Brisbane our third largest city is bracing for flooding.

Please donate at Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. Every single cent counts


Times like this we must get together, reach out as a worldwide family

Henry xx

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