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Stephanie’s Rice – The Day Social Media Changed A Nation Forever


These letter things (pictured) are able to be purchased singularly and cover each letter of the alphabet.

So what you cook up is your choice!

Check I am sure you have more than seen them around.

Tonight I needed to cook with them!

I am not one for the kitchen, in fact I am proud that my oven in NYC is used as a book storage unit… however

I do know one thing about over boiling rice.


For those from Overseas or have been asleep the last 49 hours please click here

Stephanie Rice slammed for ‘inexcusable’ tweet

Stephanie Rice apologized. She is destroyed in so many ways.

It is time to take the heat off Stephanie.

Let her learn.

Let us all learn when enough is enough.


By the way, a nation erupted over the use of FA**GOT .

The means of eruption..Social Media’s Twitter.

The day SOCIAL MEDIA changed a Nation.. Forever, Sept 6, 2010

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