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Sizzling Red Carpet Screen Actors Guild! – My Predictions

It is Friday afternoon in Sydney and I am gearing myself up for the prep before I give my verdicts live on The Today Show Australia for the upcoming Screen Actors Guild Red carpet celebrity style showdown.

Watch out for the full report this coming Tuesday February 1 at 0840am live across Australia on The Today Show, but this is what I am thinking right now


Hurrah! Sarah in my office tells me that finally True Grit has launched across screens around Australia and this child actor is going to take your breath away. The red carpet is all about branding and I loved her look at the recent Golden Globes. She sends a message out that appropriate and elegant is achievable for this 14 year old mega star. I have been raving about Hailee since I saw True Grit on a snowy evening in New York in December.


Hailee Steinfeld at the Golden Globes 2011. Photo courtesy: Zimbio


I don’t want to be controversial but I do want to say that Nicole is looking phenomenal but I do want her to take a step forward in the fashion stakes. She is co-hosting this year’s SAG Awards and she went really safe at this year’s Golden Globes and also at last year’s SAG Awards. I think she is going to pull something out of the hat this time around and look sensational.


Nicole Kidman at the 2010 SAG Awards. Photo Source: Just Jared


Nicole Kidman Golden Globes 2011. Photo Source: Just Jared


Dear Helena Bonham Carter,

We know that you are avant garde and we love you for it, but there is a huge difference between pushing the fashion envelope and wanting us to tell you you don’t look good. Not because the gown had a shock factor but because of the glasses, the odd shoes in different colour and the hair. Just too much for one diminutive Helena Bonham Carter to handle.


Helena Bonham Carter at the Golden Globes 2011. Photo Source: Just Jared


I can’t wait to see what Betty White wears going down the red carpet, I love her style, sophistication and sense of savoir faire I also love the fact that she has a resurgence in her career and been so honoured by her peers.

Betty White at the SAG Awards 2010. Photo source: PeopleStyleWatch


All eyes are on Natalie and her baby bump, I hope she brings to the picture something more than that red rose. I know that people may get upset but would someone explain to me about the red embroidery and the red clutch bag because I did not get it. There, its out now – I’ve said it.


Natalie Portman at the Golden Globes 2011. Photo Source: Just Jared

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