Roth’s Top 10 Thought Cloud Hits

We recently had a post on Facebook from a bride wanting to know the perfect music for an outdoor on the beach ceremony.

Be it the music you use for the ceremony or reception its a personal reflection of you as a person. The interesting tightrope is between tunes that you love and tunes that you know will be crowd pleasers.

Without a doubt old school tunes, tunes from the past and music that everyone knows are going to be part of your playlist.

It just got me thinking about the music from the past that I love, it brings a smile to my face or a thought cloud on where I was and what I was doing at the time when I first heard it.

Keep on Moving — Soul to Soul 1989

Wide World — Maxi Priest 1988

Im Ni Alu, Ofra Haza 1978

Life’s What You Make It — Talk Talk 1985

Justified & Ancient (Stand by the Jams) — KLF 1992

No Doubt — It’s My Life 2003

Strange Kind of Love — Love & Money 1988

Never Stop –Brand New Heavies 1991

Madonna — Hollywood 2003

A Dream’s a Dream — Soul to Soul 1990

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