Roth TV: Kleinfeld Brides Return With Wisdom You Don’t Want To Miss!


NEW ON ROTH TV: Find out what 20 Kleinfeld brides had to say when we invited them to share their best wedding day wisdom with Henry Roth and Kleinfeld fashion director Terry Hall on this can’t-miss episode of Roth TV – And be sure to stay tuned for part two, coming soon!!


What is Roth TV?

Roth TV is our very own You Tube Channel. We talk with real brides about wedding advice they can share with other real brides. From gowns to mother in law issues, receptions, wedding cakes, the role of the groom…it’s all on Roth TV.



What inspired Kleinfeld Brides Revisited?

I wanted recently married women to share what they learned throughout their wedding planning experiences. This way brides who are currently planning their big day can benefit from firsthand wisdom of brides who already made their way down the aisle. As I always say, “Why pay for what you can get for free?”

My hope for Kleinfeld Brides Revisited and Roth TV is to endow viewers with wisdom that makes being a bride as enjoyable, error-free, and elegant as possible!

What was the most interesting thing you learned from the first Kleinfeld Brides Revisited episode of Roth TV?

I think that pop culture has a bit of a tendency to dwell on brides behaving badly. What I found most impressive was how focused these women were on “not acting crazy” under the pressure of planning their weddings. The wisdom shared in this Roth TV episode revolves around being the anti-bridezilla; pulling off a flawless, personalized event while maintaining focus on sophistication and, most importantly, love.

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