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Roth Top 7 Sexy In A Bottle

I discovered ALIEN ! By Thierry Mugler four years ago and its probably THE BEST sexy perfume under base Although it is a women’s fragrance – use it as a perfume base and layer with lighter top notes. You will want to throw yourself into yourself with the sexiness of it all


Tuscan Leather is such a winter fragrance by Tom Ford How much style can one man have ? Ah…. A real lot !


All supermarkets sell concentrated Tea Tree oil and I got to tell you that for under 15 dollars… Splash in Bathtub mix with your body and let the ancient Australian scentsation suck the stress right out of your body (batteries not included).


Nothing but noting quite crisps up those shirts and I always use Fabulon with one eye closed. It LOOKS environmentally harmful.


Your at home.. You step into your bathroom and finally you open up those hotel mini thingys and your apartment starts smelling like a SPA mmmm …!


EVERYTHING by Dermalogica is! I am hooked !


It just conjures up pure australiana.. Now that is sexy !


Its Summer The Sun Sets. You reach for the sexiest bottle going.


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