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We are about 6 weeks out from the NEW YORK RUNWAY LAUNCH October 20 of our 2012 collection, the pressure builds. Michelle and I talk and discuss new styles and their development and where they are at since my last face to face meeting in NYC 3 and half weeks ago.

We speak daily.

This is when I start thinking what they vibe will be. The sound. The makeup. The feel for the show. As soon will be sending out save the dates.

While being inspired by some tracks we may be using for the runway, I compiled a list of my FAVOURITE top 10 tunes. There are probably Hundreds of them, but this is what is moving me right now. Music moves all of us.

What are YOUR favourite all time tracks ?? !!

1. Who’s That Girl – Eve

WHY IT INSPIRES: It captures my feeling of New York City, sets my temperature skyward !

2. Love in Motion – Chrissy Amplett and Icehouse

She’s sexy Chrissy, so underrated, not often played Mix of Love in Motion – Genius music with Ice House, Australian scintillating sounds-Chrissy Amplett- Before goddess Angelina Jolie, During  iconic Madonna, after Marylyn Monroe, Before Gaga.

WHY IT INSPIRES: Sexy that lasts is slow tauntingly unrevealing, leaving wanting more

3. Generations of Love – Boy George post Culture Club Genius Time of His Career

WHY IT INSPIRES:  REINVENTION, change, movement in us, all around us is to be embraced. Boy George reveals a totally different side to him after Culture Club. It seems more real, a message here  for equality. Mixture of Raga in the music sent a chilling subliminal message. Embrace peace.

4. Walking on the Moon – The Police

My Law School days- Sydney Campus, Parramatta Road

WHY IT INSPIRES: Wanting more is good. It Combines my wanting to fast dance slow. Combines conflicting emotions. Texture, layered. I never seem satisfied after listening, always want more from the song

5. Telephone – Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce

WHY IT INSPIRES:: Chillingly amazingly creative.
Puts all creativity in the shade- Digital Diva of the social media revolution
6. Eve Parts 1, 2, 3 – Stevie Wright

I am 14
When this  track was launched we felt it was the unveiling of an extraordinarily creative approach
Trilogy Tracks and the Stations would play 1 2 and 3 one after another.
We knew that it was  a landmark piece of Australian Rock and Roll had arrived.

WHY IT INSPIRES: I am not much of a Rock and Roller , however I LOVE the harshness and sweetness played off each other.
Contrasted cleverly to savour the sounds.  sameness  after a while becomes white noise in teh background

7. Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil

Comfortingly honest, true and new mind set 1989

WHY IT INSPIRES : It was the embracing acknowledgement. Confront fear and beauty will slowly bud

8. You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker

WHY IT INSPIRES:  It’s gritty

9. Happy Mondays- Step On (1989)

Notting Hill Carnival
All my friends on teh roof of my apartment in St Stephens gardens
An unusually hot Summer’s afternoon
We hired a sound system
Blasted the sounds out like teh rest of our neighbour’s.
Transported with this song, first class !

WHY IT INSPIRES : The groove of a decade

10. Empire State of Mind – Jay Zee and Aleisha Keys

First song I danced to in 2010 overlooking the Hudson River and Down Town New York

WHY IT INSPIRES: I have a lump in my throat. The new Anthem of New York City. The brash, the harsh, the love / hate.

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