Mirror Music Preparing For The Eve Of NYE 2010- Hello 2011!!

Hands UP!
Those of us that have at some point turned up the music


Before going out and doing a little shuffle to some track that we simply can not get out of our heads

Some how I am feeling the turn into our new decade as something really special

True confession, until last year I really was not a NYE type of person

I however discovered through friends of mine (Thank you Philip Laffey) a great event that was amazing last year

I am going to a Black Tie ‘Black and White Ball Down Town

I have already worked out what I am wearing.

A black Tux, pure white shirt with cuff links and a satin Cadbury chocolate coloured purple tie.

So, tell me…

What are you going to be doing?

What will you be wearing and


And what are YOUR current favourite sound track options!

I do hope that these sounds will make the start of getting ready fabulously and wishing you an amazing start to 2011!!

Henry xx

Top 10 getting ready on the eve of NYE 2010 !!

1. Rock Wit You – Ashanti

Oh Goodness. You have either come out of the shower or you are in there and this track starts it all off. A 2003 soul and Funk classic, I love this tune. It transports you
Far away. It gets your grove on and it is one of those magic tracks that has no start and no end… it is seamless. If you are not in the shower then you are in your bathroom towel and you are digging it it it!!

2. Let Me Love You – Mario

Check the visuals, the styling starts to ooze sensuality from the minute the tune starts, ill get your groove into gear.
Good for testing out any outfit in the mirror just you and the Mirror!! Make sure you don’t let your hair get too dry if you are applying product in it!

3. Girl Crazy Hot Chocolate- 70’s FunKalicious

Super Funky- set on the streets of London in the 70’s- Super Funk and of course have to get in a bit of Aerobics.
Somehow has smoldering, sexy vibe, hot is the Chocolate

4. Don’t Stop – Michael Jackson

I remember making my mother taking my pants up so you could see my white socks! May be not quite the same a MJ… me being all of 17, still at Jewish Day School. What a tune, what a feeling and what great gas for your dance engine. At this point you have tried on your first look, and you may be having second thoughts!!

And I have to add as 4B! Michael Jackson- do you

Genius, funk, soulful and so so danceable and sensuous

5. Rhianna – Rude Boy

This has to be the artist of 2010 as far as I am concerned… This is so hot the visuals want you to get ready for the club SUPER fast.
There is something so suggestive and provocative and sultry and grinds, it all grids in front of my eyes.

5b and where it all started Rhianna Featuring Jay Z- Umbrella!

Tuning this on in 2007 we all knew that something special and Iconic was emerging from under all our Umbrellas

6. Lady Gaga – Dirty Rich

and Video Phone with Beyonce- Smoldering

Lady Gaga took our imaginations and the Dance floor over in 2010. The graphic styling is mind blowing and so I have to have two tracks here, could have been a million!
Loved the collaborations with Beyonce and Love the harder side of Gaga and Beyonce, practice those dance steps, perfect track. Slow and deliberate.

By now, I am hoping that you have stuck to your final look and now it is the finishing touches… Just saying!!

7. More Than a Woman- Saturday Night Fever – Bee Gees

The track that probably discovered the dance floor more than any other single track in History, still evokes romance, love, and finding true love on the dance floor… they saw each other across a crowded dance floor and Ka POW

8 I Feel Love – Bronski Beat Jimmy Somerville

Oh goodness, out of the vault and into your visual and hearing pleasure beyond. The MASTER of hip sounds and sexy on the dance floor rhythm. A genius of evocation!

By now, you are texting, googling and possibly even talking on your cell/ mobile. Last minute arrangements!

9 Chain Reaction – Diana Ross DIVA DIVA supreme

Oh Goodness, that image of Diana in the red Mermaid Frock with the fireworks behind her and it makes me want to jump off this computer right now and Dance on the streets of Manhattan in the Snow Slush right this very second !

10. All For You – Janet Jackson

Such a classic, up beat and so fabulous, the unfolding from the subway almost cartoon imagery to real life gets my dance feet moving every  time !!

You are out the door ! Wishing you all a giant start to 2011. Whether it is quiet or quite large, be safe, be well and throw it down where ever your dance floor ends up. Be it in your own living room or out and about !

Henry xx

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