Middleton Magic – The Top 5 Style Tips to Take With You Down the Aisle

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal wedding has reset the compass and captured the mindset of the new generation and the heralding of the 21st century princess bride.

I’m not sure what is more refreshing and exciting. Was it that Kate Middleton confidently reached back into classic styling and renewed our faith that not everything that is old needs to avoided with a 6 foot pole? Or was it that Kate Middleton played social media to its ultimate goal with a exceptional example of knowing what to say when to say and how to say? On one hand setting new rules that a princess has before and opening an engagement Facebook page whilst not buying into the frenzied requirement that everything that we do now must be completely transparent.

Instead Kate Middleton kept her precious privacy rock solid and it was only until she stepped out of the limousine that we had the first glimpse or knowledge of what that gown was. A reminder to all of us and particularly in the new era of social media knowing what not to tweet is as powerful as knowing what to tweet.

Or was it a huge bold statement that bigger is not simply better and in fact an extraordinary balance contrasting the sumptuous glamour of her gown contrasting with the smallest bouquet ever seen and a restrained veil. The overall effect reminding us that the entire image that we are trying to convey especially for brides on their wedding day can be contrasting elements of the gown and the elements around it that is not about piling on more and more but knowing where you want to go full throttle and knowing where you want to go subtle.

And now…. (drumroll) here are The Top 5 Tips for Style Trends you may want to consider as you walk down the aisle.


Its about your style more than ever before.


Grace Kelly & Prince Ranier Official Portrait Photo Courtesy:


William & Kate Official Portrait. Photo Courtesy

Kate Middleton I believe returned to classic old school glamour and her gown was infused with the iconic spirit of Grace Kelly’s 1950s gown.

I am convinced however that Kate’s wedding gown really reflected very beautifully the spirit of her own personality. If you look at the image of the gown it is not following bridal trends of the moment because it went with a much more classic neckline, old school lace and what is supposed to be a bride’s worst friend a box pleat skirt.

The ultimate tip here is you have the best choice you have ever had as far as style is concerned. What Kate Middleton has done is broadened the choice in our re-embraced classic as well as the other categories available to you.

The style tip is be yourself, be who you are, reflect your individuality and it does not matter what is supposed to be because it matters who you are.

2. Construction and fit


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I am convinced after seeing that first glimpse that the quality of your gown is very much determined not just by the fabrics used but ultimately by the construction of the gown. My tip is that the cut of the fabric, boning used, interfacing to give the gown body and the cut of the pattern which is a unique formula to every gown will ultimately illuminate you or will be the thing to let you down on the day.

What to check for? When you look inside the gown are the seams clean and finished? If the gown is using more elaborate fabrications does it have a more constrained firm bodice with boning and corsetry to hold the style and do it justice? If the gown is more ethereal and less formal will the fabric perform against the sunlight? Is it light yet still flattering and will its layers be cut to flatter the areas that you want being flattered most?

It’s really important when you start your shopping that you ask your bridal specialist about the construction of your gown and the history of designer. This will have you at an advantage so that you are making the decision not just from an emotional perspective. The question is will this dress have the look that you want on your day?

3. Less is more is more is more is more


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This is a tip I have to remind myself of again and again. This is important to know for look, image and style when to start and when to stop.

Taking the principle a step further you can have fun with this by making a pointed and obvious contrast between a your gown and accessories. Choose sumptuous and glamorous for one element and for others par down to allow for balance contrast. You want your guests to be saying “Wow that was different wasn’t it?” (in a good way).

For the record the size of Kate’s bouquet stopped me in my tracks. Perhaps the beauty and fragility of her bouquet was a romantic gesture that said I don’t need a truck of flowers to signify the level of romance in my heart. Also it was saying that flowers are so precious and beautiful I don’t want this to be lost in the sense of being overwhelmed but rather I want the delicate vulnerability flowers have to be showcased in this particular way.

Kate Middleton did the same by choosing demi-length instead of a cathedral length veil. I had to stand back and re-write my thoughts about length of veils as usually a gown with a cathedral length train has a veil that is as long as if not longer than the train. The tip here is the gown was saying so much in its striking simplicity yet genius complexity that it was made to look effortless. A whole new appreciation for the gown was achieved by framing it with the veil to allow to breathe, stand alone and allow us to remember less is more is more is more.

4. The wedding gown returns with a bridal makeover.


Henry Roth – Ireland

I think for a long time wedding gowns (I have encouraged this I will be honest) have been moving towards fashion forward, coming straight off Hollywood red carpet, being more informal and being more influenced by evening ball gowns and cocktail wear. I think what Kate Middleton did was re-ignite the passion to not feel inhibited , to be more bridal than it would appear the past would allow.

Let your inner bride shine – whatever that means.

5. Best kept secrets.


I think there is a well learned lesson that Kate has championed for brides. It’s okay to want to keep some of the special things about your wedding private. It’s okay to want to build up a sense of anticipation its important that when there are elements you want to hold sacred then do so. You may want to consider making your wedding day more special by keeping really cool elements as a surprise to be revealed on the day.

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