Is LOVE The New Drug? Who Is Behind The Henry Roth Label… And Are Ethics Now In?

“We come together, not just because of the fabric, but because of the the passion”
– Aneta and Joseph Weinreich

What does the brand Henry Roth stand for?

As I was writing this, another bomb went off; two in Boston to be exact. The Boston Marathon. They were running to raise money for the victims of the mass shootings of children in Connecticut aged around 6 – 8 years old. I am very sorry, but there is something very wrong and we better start embracing that.

It’s time to hold close to what we believe and who we love and who is in our lives and make meaning of the things that we have control over.

Big time.

Somehow, because my parents Aneta and Joseph Weinreich escaped the slaughter of six million, (that is million) Jewish people during the Second World War;
because fathers and aunts and brothers and best school mates and teachers and doctors and lawyers perished – they have incredibly strong view points on many things.

When it comes to wedding gowns, wedding planning, love ever after – it’s one message. For the two of them after nearly 60 years of working and living together .

Just work as a team and be optimistic.

If you look at the sky long enough and are looking for the clouds… look harder and it will certainly rain on you. If you seek the sun you will find the sunshine – it’s that simple.

It’s in this atmosphere, that myself and my two sisters, first generation Australian Jews, were brought into this world.


My parents, whose own parents had experience in fashion in one side and on the other of all things in a bridal charity started lives in Australia separately, then met and six months later it was down the aisle.

Despite coming from the bleakest of moments when the human spirit is questioned, they never did.

Poor can’t describe my parents as they were so. But they are so very richly spirited – overflowing with “we can and we will!”

No money. No university as they were a bit preoccupied at the time with survival and were busy saving their lives; no formal training as such, nothing to lose as there was nothing to save but themselves and each other.

And they created what is now called Henry Roth (they started as Rainbow of Sydney).


What does this mean to you, or me, or your wedding dress created by commercial wedding dress designers? That being, when it comes down to it, us. Henry Roth.

I believe we have a heritage. A history. Lessons my parents have and actively do pass on, that we carry and that we work by. That we try and be like daily.

What is instilled in us one major thing.

We all beat with the same heart, the same blood, the same group of humanity that we are citizens of.

It means that to us, that all our brides are our celebrities, no more or less. Whether you are Jennifer Aniston of Broome, Western Australia, or Halle Berry of Hollywood.

It means that we try to be available to our brides; that we are transparent, that we involve ourselves with you if you wish until you reach the top of the aisle. It means that we care, that we take responsibility and that we are honoured and privileged to have the most incredible staff and authorised stores that have a heart and ethics and pride in their professionalism.

Together with YOU, our Brides, our amazing people from all over the world and all walks of life, all types of religion, all kinds of approaches – we come together – not just because of the fabric, but because of the the passion and genuine feelings .

This weekend past, my parents were able to tell some of their story on the acclaimed Compass program.

They also feature on Roth tv Channel 5 Rent-A-Parents.

You cannot know how proud we are of our parents and who they are and what they instilled in us.

It is this:

Love equally, respectfully, quietly, deeply.

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