Inside The Snow Globe

Snow globes always mesmerize. From young children we always look from the outside in wonder. Transfixed, Always deep in thought!

So of course when the real storm arrived to Manhattan a few days ago I felt myself being transported back with the rest of the city.
A snow blizzard.

The thing that really impacted on me was how something that we look at and work with on a day to day to day basis can be transformed so immediately

The streets of Manhattan were silenced as if wrapped in giant balls of cotton wool.

People were forced to slow down

Physically steps by step on the streets, people have to slow right down

Normally a city where every one is running, the gorgeous, snowy flakes flirt and taunt us all and we are forced to take it much easier.

The beauty the softness, the gentle transformation so romantic and so beautiful makes you realize the biggest epiphany of all.

Slowing it down, softness, beauty can all come to play

Who says hard, ramming it home multitasking gets the best results

I now have been reminded

Slow and steady

Wins the race

Have a great few days more till the skies light up for NYE

Henry xx
1. Crossing 7 Avenue


I feel like I am in Fellini Movie of some sort. The shadows and brightness cast so much impact

2. The Grandeur of Central Park South



Looking through the twigs that are normally lush and green the Strength of Manhattan’s Mortar always abounds.
An anchor of concrete Skyscrapers always near

3. A view from the top



Central Park South and a storm in the Tea cup silences the Park with a blanket of romance and whispers

4. inside the snow globe


The exit out of Columbus Circle Subway and it hits you. A giant Metallic Globe and snow dusted trees.
Surreal and real!

5. Columbus Pontificates


Presiding heroically over the Park, upward, onward so brand iconic!

6 New Opportunities


It amazes me that what can be so wanted and needed at some point can be so abandoned at another. The fickleness of abandoned public seating in the snow! All to be forgiven no doubt in the spring!!

7 Classic Sleigh The Slay


The classic getting ready to tackle the snow mounds all lined up and ready to go

8 Digging out!


The amazing symmetry this man is digging himself out of was so stylish it had many stopped in the street on the way to work

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