Henry’s Fabric 101: Organza

Today, Henry is continuing on his Fabric 101 “course” with a look at timeless and ethereal organza. Romantic, whispy and other-worldly, organza is ideal for the bride seeking a particularly romantic silhouette.

Over to you, Hen….

What is organza? Organza is a whisper-light fabric with body. If you were to look at a veil which is tulle (net) and almost translucent, chiffon is much more flexible and more lank. Meanwhile, organza is opaque and has more body to it; although it is light it is wonderful to use in gowns that have more structure. It is far lighter than satin (please refer to yesterday’s Satin entry).

The organza that we use at Henry Roth is a man-made fibre though indeed there can be a silk content organza. Michelle and I tend to use the man made organza because it is a fraction of the cost of the silk, and contains fewer potential flaws and catches, though it still has virtually the same effect as silk organza

Lets look at the flexibility of organza and why we love using it so much.

1. Frills and flounces – Organza has body and lightness so it makes great frills and flounces without going too bulky and too heavy (Karina).


2. Organza drapes beautifully because it has texture yet is translucent. We often use organza as the top layer with satin underneath to give substance. Karola is a perfect example of a clean a-line gown with the second layer satin and the top layer organza. We then drape the organza and leave the satin untouched as a frame. Then the piece de la resistance of a gown like Karola are the appliqués which are virtually like gown candy.


3. Organza swirls – if you look at our Nicole gown you will see that this is on trend with gowns that have become almost sculptured and very “red-carpet celebrity” in style. Here we take organza and drape it in swirls at the front and create layering in the back for an almost soft ethereal and cloudlike effect.


4. Organza in light bodied a-line gowns like you can see here in Kendra, for which we have used our organza overlay in a modified clean a line skirt satin to frame the skirt. This gives a lightness and airiness that just using satin would not achieve.

Who loves wearing organza?

The people that love organza love the fact that it has an element of formality and lightness. Organza is worn by brides who enjoy a play of texture fabrication and who love that airy light feeling that organza brings.

Next up tomorrow? Tulle.

Until then,

Stay fabulous,

Henry xo

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