Henry’s Fabric 101 Continues: Lace

Henry Roth

Today, in Henry Roth’s week-long series of Fabric 101 we take a look at lace.  Timeless, romantic and oh-so classic, lace is often the piece de la resistance for brides who want to make a statement-making appearance.  Here, Henry gives his take on lace.

Henry says:

Lace is a traditional, old school fabric.  This is where I believe mine and Michelle’s signature is very strong because it exemplifies our “future vintage” style.  We take old-school styles and interpret them into modern shapes for the quintessential Henry Roth signature silhouettes, which Michelle and I love to deliver because we adore using different laces in different ways.

1.        Chantilly lace is light and malleable.  We adore the way it transforms signature Henry Roth style in gowns like Ina/Diana.


2.       Lace appliqués from Alencon lace (which has its origins in the region of France).  It is corded and is used on gowns that work well by punctuating the fabric and giving it gesture and flair in gowns such as Helena, Kalea, Darcy/Inga.


3.        All-over lace is lighter, malleable and easy to work with.  Have a look at Kara.


4.        The beautiful thing about lace beaded with Swarovski crystals intertwined in lace fibres.  Look to Karissa for how this lace technique offers texture, while the glistening effect of the beading gives more lustre to the lace.


Who wears it?

Lace is having a huge revival because of the way it is used with shapes in such a creative way.   Michelle and I love taking contemporary, gorgeous striking silhouettes and waving a magic wand using lace.  This is for brides who want to make a fashion forward statement or look to more classic styles for a twist on 21st century modern princess.

Remember, you will rock your frock!


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