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Real Brides Inspire at Henry Roth

Real Brides Inspire at Henry Roth: My wedding day on July 3rd 2005

Hi there, Hannah here. As Henry mentioned last week, back in 2005, I was a Henry Roth bride at my fairytale wedding at Stapleford Park in England. Fast forward six and a half years, and I am fronting the communication efforts for Henry. I therefore like to think of myself as a bit of a poster child for the adage, once a Henry bride, always a Henry bride!

So it goes without saying that here at Henry Roth we are always inspired by real brides. We also take the responsibility of taking you to your runway very seriously. So, whether you are a Henry bride or a betrothed with a pressing question for Dr. Roth, we would love to hear from you.

Our current brides love to read about Henry’s brides of past–your dress, your preparations, your wedding day, your venue, your cake… Your personal story is a joy for us to read here at Henry’s design Studios in both Sydney and New York. But even more importantly, it is inspiring for many of our real brides who always ask us to showcase real weddings.

If you were one of Henry’s brides and would like to be featured on our site, please submit your photographs to Our only request is that shots come from a professional photographer or are a resolution of a minimum of 335 pixels wide x 500 pixels tall.

On the other hand, if your wedding day is approaching and you have a pressing question you need answered, be sure to sign up to Henry Roth’s Facebook page and look out for Ask Dr. Roth, when Henry is online to answer your questions in real time.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


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