Grammys Gone to the Gaga/Top 5 Predictions

Grammys and Red Carpets and stars and celebrities going Gaga. This is the Awards Season and I think the most fun out of all of them has to be THE GRAMMYS.

My roundup report on the red carpet celebrity frock showdown will be live on Channel 9 on The Today Show Australia at 8.40am on Tuesday February 15.

In the meantime take a look at the Top 5 that we will be riveted to as they walk down the Red Carpet!

Who do YOU think will set the red carpet aflame at the Grammys? Post your comments.


Number 1. Daughter of superstar celebrities of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith watch out for this ball of superpower energy, style and sheer chutzpah. Exploding on the USA charts ‘I whip my hair back and forth’ Photo: Grammys


Number 2. The ultimate doyenne in striking, provocative fashion… where do you go after the main course being meat! I cannot wait to see what Lady Gaga throws down at the Grammys 2011. Photo: Grammys


Number 3. P Diddy the ultimate white collar urban gangsta with his own fashion label Sean John, one to watch for sure. Photo: Just Jared


Number 4. Christina Aguilera the ultimate voice will find her ultimate sense of style again. Watch this space. Photo: Just Jared


Number 5. Pink. With a look that is so sizzling and a capacity to sing hanging upside down from a trapeze so sensationally, Pink has earned her place as a celebrity icon of the 21st century! Heart her! Photo: Grammys

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