Fabrics 101: Satin


Welcome to fabrics 101. All this week, Henry is going to give us the scoop on the best fabrics in bridal wear. Today, we start with one of the most popular of all: satin.

Satin is a man made fabric, which either has a silk content or a non silk content. The beautiful thing about today’s technology is that the new generation satins have a softer thinner texture which are silk-like at a fraction of the silk cost.

Michelle and I like to work with a non-silk blend as silk can catch and show flaws more easily than customized polyester. The three satin fabrics that we adore at the moment are:

1. Matte Sheen Satin – If you look at the style Kay (and 3-4 new styles in the pipeline) the fabric is treated in a special way according to our specifications that we call “matte sheen” – the fabric literally glows. When designing using this fabric we have used a lot of draping so that the draping is thinner so is less bulky.


2. Tissue Satin – This is even thinner than Matte Sheen Satin and the beautiful thing is that it drapes beautifully. It has been created specifically for outdoor and lighter weddings. Take a look at Horton/Helen which is light and airy and perfect for lighter weddings.


3. Traditional Satin – is slightly heavier and used by Michelle and I when we have more elaborate beading or more of a traditional style because the fabric lends itself to a kind of look when we want to achieve regal styles. Please take a look at Ivanka which gives an indication of a grander more ’established’ fabric that is used for this kind of look.


A question I am often asked is: How do I know if the fabric is satin?

The tell-tale signs are that Satin has a smooth texture and is soft to the feel. It comes in various degrees of malleability and flexibility. Even the classic and heavier weight satin has a wonderful weight and flexibility.

Brides love satin gowns for the classic feel and look. Michelle and I love using new-generation satins which are cut in gorgeous contemporary shapes. We like to use them in our signature look that we call ‘future vintage,’ such as our gorgeous Georgina gown.


Who loves wearing satin?

Fabric is a really personal choice some choose because of the feel, some because of look and the sense of formality which comes with the use of satin which other fabrics can’t give. Satin does not need to be over-embellished, it provides striking silhouettes without clutter and overworked design.

On Tuesday, we talk about Organza.

Until then,

Henry xo

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