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Yesterday we reviewed your Top 10 Dress Stresses. And today, Henry gives his solutions to make the gown-picking process as enjoyable as it should be. So put your wedding gown worries behind you and remember that on the day, you will Rock Your Frock!

Stress # 1: Is the dress the right style for my body type?

Henry says: The best way of really knowing is moving away from theory and going into the essential shapes 101 test at your first appointment. Try on the 4 essential shapes which are:

1. Ball gown

2. Empire

3. Straight

4. Mermaid

Within 35 minutes of you trying on the 4 shapes you will see and feel for yourself what shape suits you best. Honestly, it is the best 35 minutes you can spend of your first appointment. It also works really well as it determines once and for all the shapes you thought would work best and the shapes that really do work best for you. It adds to your confidence factor when you walk down the aisle as you know for sure that the shape you choose was best for you.

Stress #2: What will be appropriate for where I am getting married?

Henry says: The best way to answer this is to take yourself “astral travelling.” I want you to imagine that you are at your reception and ceremony places. Whether your wedding is on the beach or in a ballroom makes a great deal of difference as to what is most appropriate for you. The most important thing and the fact that stands out second most importantly for brides when finding THE GOWN is comfort. If you can’t imagine or “ see “ yourself in the gown you are trying on, it is not THE Gown. Look and comfort combined are everything That is also where individuality takes over. If your personality calls for glitz and glamour on the beach then it will work. Why? Because you will carry it off. Low key and bling-less for the ball room ? Absolutely if your personality is all about less is more.

Kalea wedding gown by Henry Roth

Stress #3: How do I set the right wedding dress budget for what I am looking for?

Henry says: Please go to or… or any of the major bridal website. There you will find bridal budget breakdowns. BEFORE you spend on any item. According to brides from a recent Roth report that we are about to publish in February, brides place their bridal gown above any other item on their bridal list. So make sure that you know what you are allowing for each item and allow a 10-15% wiggle room factor for your dress. Please don’t forget, you need to factor in alterations, shoes, veil and headpiece as well as accessories.

Stress #4: How do I make my bridal gown dollar stretch?

Henry says: Here are some helpful hints:-

* If your dress is beaded ask what the reduction would be if it was say 50% and then 100% less beading

* If the dress has a train check what the cost would be without a train

* If the gown has no train ask for the cost of a long veil but make it plain and ethereal and no beading at all

* Does a member of the family know how to do expert bridal alterations?

* If the gown is most important to you then perhaps reduce some flowers in your flower budget, less expensive stationery or reduce the number of guests. It is all about your priorities and give and take.

Kathy wedding gown by Henry Roth

Stress #5: How will I know it is the right dress?

Henry says: You will feel it. Trust me you will. It’s about how you feel and you will know. Listen to your heart. It will speak!

Stress #6: What should I do to prep the night before I go wedding dress shopping?

Henry says: Get a good night’s sleep or gather with your GF’s and celebrate. Make sure you leave plenty of time before hand to get to your appointment early. Take your pictures that you have printed from the internet and cut out from the bridal magazines and go with an open mind and ready to make your decision that day. It’s normal to try the first gown on and after all the others come back to it. If your mother can’t be with you and you want her opinion make sure that she knows or knows someone that can work a webcam as most stores now supply that facility and BOY does it take the stress out of making that final decision flawlessly !

Stress #7: How many people do I bring to help me choose my dress?

Henry says: This is not a fashion runway… well it is of sorts (but not really) and so you want to keep the numbers low and meaningful. Your Mum (respect is essential at all times according to my books); your BFF< your siblings ( here comes the respect thing again) and just make sure that you are aware that you are going to get opinions you may not agree with GOOD ! That will help galvanize the decision for you even more. But… at the end of the day it really is up to you.

Kay wedding gown by Henry Roth

Stress #8: Who do I listen to when choosing my dress?

Henry says: Your heart

Stress #9: How do I pick the right gown silhouette?

Henry says: After you have done the gowns shape 101 ( Point number 1) you will determine out of the major shapes what is right for you. Then you hone in on it relentlessly until you find THE DRESS!

Stress #10: How do I choose between satin and lace and all the difference options for embellishments?

Henry says: That is determined on what makes you feel and look most glamorous. It is also a personal thing. People love the touch and weight and feel of different fabrics. If you are not sure what they are now, you will be after the gowns 101 session as that will invariably include not just different shapes but also make sure there are different fabrics. It is all about style and comfort. And remember: feeling it is knowing it! Listen to your inner voice and you will have the answers. Trust me!

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