Celebrity Bride Deni Hines and What the Press Won’t Tell You.


Deni & Daniel

Let me just make an unequivocal statement that no one can prepare you for the genuine warmth, laser sharp intelligence, striking beauty, wit and warmth that is Deni Hines. If highly decisive, fast acting, and not suffering fools gladly are not highly advantageous traits, then perhaps I missed something along the way.


Deni and her mother Marcia Hines

I met Deni Hines by chance, on my way to Perth, at the Sydney airport lounge. I went up to her and told her how extraordinary I thought she was, then ran away with a red face. Four days later there she was again, this time at the Perth airport, taking the same flight as me back to Sydney. She bounded towards me and said, “Do you know what happened to me recently?” and presented a finger with a gorgeous engagement ring. Immediately I asked her to do a 360 degree twirl, and at the end of her turn I looked her in the eye and said, “I am doing the gown”.


Deni and Marcia at Kleinfeld, Manhattan


Deni and Marcia with brother and sister co-design duo Michelle Roth and Henry Roth

Of course life doesn’t need a script, life is itself a script. After Hurricane Sandy hit New York, it was touch and go as to how our resources could muster gown, veil and accessories in time for Deni and her mother Marcia Hines’ visit to my sister Michelle’s NYC atelier. In much of New York there was no electricity, gridlock traffic and a tremendous feeling of despair. From a logistical perspective, people were held back from coming into Manhattan so some vital parts of putting together a bridal gown were not available.


Deni and Marcia with brother and sister co-design duo Michelle Roth and Henry Roth


Deni, Marcia and Michelle Roth at Kleinfeld.

The day before Deni was supposed to arrive with Marcia, a friend of mine – who sensed my anxiety over creating the perfect gown for Deni during her visit – invited me to the opening of the musical ‘Annie’. Considering that the musical’s theme tune is “The sun will come out tomorrow”, I agreed to go. After taking our seats, I turned to my right and realized that I was seated next to Julie Scanlan, the wife of the Australian Consul General in New York. Immediately, I thought to share with the divine Julie that Deni was having fittings for an amazing, unique gown the very next day.

Sure enough, on Monday morning the sun did come out. Julie and her husband Phil, Australian Consul General in New York, came to meet Deni and Marcia. There was something truly Australian about that gesture.


Australian Consul General Phil Scanlan and wife Julie meet Henry, Marcia, Deni at Kleinfeld


Australian Consul General Phil Scanlan and wife Julie meet Henry, Marcia, Deni at Kleinfeld

The inspiration for the gown was the sense of joy from Deni expressing her individuality and uniqueness and not for one second questioning herself. Most of the fittings took place at Kleinfeld, the world’s largest bridal salon. Out of 75+ designers stocked by Kleinfeld, we are in the top 5. After we presented her with concepts and sketches, it took Deni Hines 12 minutes to decide which of the gowns was her favourite.

Deni wore a caramelized candy blush silk charmeuse 1920’s inspired gown, created exclusively for Miss Hines by Michelle Roth in NYC. Her headpiece was a 1920’s style double-encrusted Swarovski crystal encrusted headband with a chapel length, shimmer organza veil edged in platinum Alencon lace.


Deni and Daniel


Deni and Marcia

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