Bridal Trunk Shows – Top 10 Tips – How to Make them Work

Henry Roth’s Secrets unveiled by reporter Kate Stone

Looking for your wedding dress?

Prior to the next leg of Henry Roth’s Frock around Australia in Melbourne on August 9 (Maggies Bridal) and August 10 (Fairytales Bridal Boutique) fly on the wall Kate Stone reveals Henry Roth’s Top 10 Secret Tips on how best to work Designer Days and Trunk Shows to your advantage.

Weddings. They are supposed to be the best day of your life. Weddings are all about commitment, and friends and family – and of course love. They are a sign to the world that ‘yes, I want to spend the rest of my life with this person’.

And of course, you get to wear the dress.

So why do so many brides find wedding prep – and specifically purchasing THE dress – such a stress?

Perhaps because in general, they don’t get to do it with the personal assistance of Henry Roth.

I have been very privileged to not only observe, but assist, ‘Hurricane’ Henry on four occasions now at his Designer Days around Australia, and it’s given me a unique opportunity to see what rocking the frock is all about. He has taught me a lot without my even realising it.

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So here are the Top Ten Tips – gained from a ‘watch and learn’ perspective – on how to truly enjoy choosing the dress of your life, and your dreams.

  1. Relax. Repeat – relax. Nobody is judging you; nobody is thinking ‘oh her taste is just not right’.
  2. If you know what you want, then express it. Don’t be afraid to say ‘that’s not what I had in mind’.
  3. However… keep an open mind. And an open heart. The fabulous people who run bridal salons do it for one reason; they love seeing brides look amazing. They will not steer you wrong. Trust me on this.
  4. Every one – your mother, your bridesmaids, your best friend, your sister – will have an opinion on what you try on. When it comes down to it though, it is one person’s choice. You know who I mean. That’s right… you.
  5. If a dress feels ’99.9%’ right – it’s not your dress.
  6. You don’t have to decide immediately. This is your time. But…
  7. If you look in the mirror, and cannot stop smiling like crazy, chances are, it’s your dress. Having seen this ‘I don’t want to get out of this frock EVER’ look on a gorgeous girl’s face only three days ago, this phenomenon is real. Believe me.
  8. Think about the setting, the time of year, the formality or otherwise of your wedding. You may fall in love with a fabulous ballgown, but be getting married on the beach standing in the shallows. Be comfortable as well as amazingly gorgeous.
  9. Don’t fight your body shape. Allow the dress to make the most of who you are. Celebrate your figure – isn’t a wedding a celebration after all?
  10. Finally… and this is the most important thing, and something that some brides to be seem to forget in the whole ‘I have to get a dress’ momentum; JUST ENJOY YOURSELF. Have a ball! This is a fairytale moment. Be the princess.

The brides to be I have seen have all had one thing in common, no matter where they are. And it is something unique to girls who decide to wear Henry Roth gowns – and maybe it is something to do with Mr Roth’s own personal magic.

They all have wonderful hearts. They all – and I mean this – have been without exception truly gorgeous women, inside and out.

And they seem to have the Ten Tips down pat.

So thank you to all of them for letting me be a part of their choice. It’s been a privilege. As has working with Hurricane Henry himself.

Watch out. He’s whirling into your town next…

Roth - Designer Days

Henry Roth and Kate Stone at her first Designer Day

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