Bridal Lingerie Essentials

bridal lingerie

Finding the perfect gown is just the tip of the bridal iceberg.  Once you have chosen the dress, you will have to find the ideal undergarments to go under said frock so that you look as perfect as you should.

Here, Henry Roth‘s lowdown on bridal basics essentials.

PS – you need to purchase your lingerie before your first fitting.


A good fitting bra is essential.  The ideal bra will be supportive and comfortable for the hours of dining and dancing you will no doubt take part in, not to mention make you look up-lifted for all the photo ops.  Remember, you can slip into the provocative, flimsy lingerie when you take the gown off.  For the gown, comfort is key.


Spanx are the wonder garment of our day.  Not to mention a bride’s best friend.


Comfort is, again, the name of the game.  To avoid a wedgie, we often suggest our Henry Roth brides choose hosiery with built-in underwear.

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